Engaging Marketers

The story must tie back the business issue; it must pin point the critical issues and tell you how to solve them.

Eloquent Story Telling

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In our experience, research is often left to languish on hard drives because the story is lost in all the details.  Brand and communication teams are subjected to slide after slide of charts and graphs and are left to decipher what really matters.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard researchers say “the client has paid for all these questions, so we have to show them all the answers”.

Our position?  Researchers should be strategists.  They should think critically and pull together a short, curated story.  Researchers should dispense with the jargon, get to the point and focus on what matters to your business. Better yet, they need to engage you, tell a visual story and get you talking!

Here are some hypothetical examples.  On the left is a slide you might typically see in a research report; our solution is on the right.   Then, we show you a few new ideas.